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Fires in Mumbai claimed 614 lives in 10 years

MUMBAI, Sep 5, 2018

MUMBAI: In the last 10 years, fires in the city have claimed 614 lives, including those of five fire personnel, shows data obtained through a Right to Information (RTI) query. Also widespread are fires at high-rise residential and commercial buildings in the city with 1,568 incidents being reported in the past decade. In the past four months, two major blazes were reported at two prominent high-rises-Beaumonde in Prabhadevi and Crystal Towers in Parel. At Crystal, four persons died. The cause of both these blazes was electrical short-circuit.

According to data obtained by NGO Adhikar Foundation through an RTI query, the total number of fire calls received by the Mumbai Fire Brigade since 2008 have been 48,434, of which 18% (8,737) have been in residential premises, while 3,833 in commercial structures.

One of the most common causes of the fires has been defective electric circuits; 32,516 fires were caused due to this. The RTI reply also points that property damage due to fires was approximately Rs 89 crore in 10 years. Fire officials said that the value of property damage is calculated on an approximate basis.

Shakeel Ahmed, the founder of the NGO, who had filed the RTI query, said that with fires in the city increasing by the day, he wanted to know the data over the past decade. "Fires have increased at high-rises over the past many months therefore its imperative that steps are taken to curtail the same. Last year, Mumbai witnessed a major blaze at Kamala Mills, which killed 14 people," he said. Four officers died in a massive blaze at Gokul Niwas in Kalbadevi in 2015.

Chief fire officer PS Rahangdale said the data includes major as well as minor fires. "Besides anything above seven storeys is considered to be high-rise. Mumbai has lakhs of high -rises by that logic and we are taking steps to ensure that blazes can be avoided," he said.

Fires in Mumbai claimed 614 lives in 10 years
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