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Mass awareness campaign on ELECTRICAL SAFETY

Accidents due to electricity are becoming very common across the country, especially in homes, industrial and commercial buildings and hospitals. The recent fire incidents in COVID hospitals are examples of accidents from electricity in critical places. Majority of electrical accidents such as “fire due to short-circuit” are due to misinterpretations, unawareness and non usage of recommended safety measures in the code of practices such as IS732 & NEC.

The year long awareness campaign on electrical safety follows he modern national and international  practices with an aim to reduce the number of electrical accidents and its fatalities in order to save people and property.

The site was used prior to formation of National Federation of Engineers for Electrical Safety



Lightning Protection and Safety

Lightning hazards are ubiquitous regardless of the status of any nation. However, availing the existing scientific knowledge of Lightning Protection System (LPS), developed nations have significantly mitigated the loss of lives and property whereas, the scenario in the developing countries is different.

Lightning safety is a vital subject in India. Annually more than 1500 people get killed due to lightning, in addition to failure of electrical system and fire in few cases. In order to reduce the loss of human lives and property damage, LPS is installed in a structure. Lightning protection system if properly installed on a structure can provide protection for people and its contents.

Lightning Awareness and Research Centre (LARC) of CISSA has been actively involved in mass education of public and school children about the Lightning hazards for the last 15 years. LARC has conducted large scale public awareness programs such as the school program during 2014 to 2015.

Technical advisors of LARC include some of the world renowned scientists and experts including members form TC 81 of IEC.

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