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Lightning Safety
Knowledge Partners

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South Asian Lightning Network (SALNet) is a non-profit earning organization devoted to lightning safety and protection in South Asia. It provides an education, research, advisory, and service platform to all interested persons and institutes in the region. The Secretariat of the organization is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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To reduce deaths, injuries and property damage from lightning across Africa

Lightning causes deaths and injuries across Africa, devastating families and communities.

Lightning kills livestock, still a measure of family wealth in many African countries.

Lightning causes direct damage to utility infrastructure, industry, communications systems, and mining in remote areas of countries that are already economically challenged. This damage can take weeks to repair if parts are unavailable or unaffordable. Damage also causes harder-to-calculate indirect downtime costs for businesses and those who suffer loss of work, must live without power, communications, refrigeration, and other things as a result of the direct damage - things we take for granted.


National Lightning safety council – USA. The National Lightning Safety Council was established to promote lightning safety education and awareness. The Council recognizes National Lightning Safety Awareness Week as a unique opportunity to provide the public with safety information about lightning. We also encourage you to visit NOAA's comprehensive lightning safety web site to learn more about lightning and lightning safety

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