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Dr. Chandima Gomes

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Dr. Chandima Gomes (PhD, CEng (UK), CPhys (UK), FSAIEE, PrPhys (SA), MIET (UK), MInstP (UK)).

Professor of High Voltage Engineering,

Chairman, ESKOM Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI)-HVAC,

Director, Center of Excellence on High Voltage Engineering,

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


Prof. Gomes is a Chartered Engineer (UK), a professional physicist in South Africa and a fellow of South African institute of Electrical Engineers. He was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Universiti Putra Malaysia until October 2018, and the first Head of the Centre for Electromagnetics and Lightning Protection Research, Malaysia. He was a senior advisor of National Lightning Safety Institute (USA), and the chief advisor of African Center for Lightning Electromagnetics (ACLENet). He is also a founder & senior advisor of South Asian Lightning Network (SALNet).


In addition to lightning protection, grounding, and bonding, he is also an expert in EMI/EMC, occupational safety, atmospheric physics, and disaster management. He is a member of TC 81 of IEC 62305 Protection against Lightning, SABS TC 0067/SC Electricity Distribution, components and installation, and WG SANS 10313 Protection against lightning - physical damage to structures and life hazards.


He is a well-known engineering trainer in Asia and Africa, Prof. Chandima has conducted over 120 training programs worldwide and also published over 300 research papers.

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