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Er. Gopa Kumar

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Technical coordinator of Lightning Awareness and Research Centre (LARC), Trivandrum.

Gopa Kumar is an Electrical Engineer, having more than 27 years’ experience in electrical safety, lightning protection, EMI/EMC of electrical installation. Conducted 100’s of site studies on failure in electronic equipment and presented papers in more than 1000 seminars and training programs, globally. He has published articles about safety in various magazines and published the book, THE MISSING LINK in the subject of electrical safety. He is a member in the working groups of IEC technical committees and a member in BIS committees.

IEC -        TC64: (LV electrical safety) MT 3, MT 12, MT40, MT 41, PT 60364-8-3, WG 43

            TC81: (IEC 62305 – Lightning protection) ahG 19, MT 3, MT 14, MT 21, WG 18

            SC 37 A: (IEC 61643– SPD’s for LV application): WG3 & WG 5

BIS -    ETD 20 (National Electrical Code, IS732, IS3043, IS/IEC 62305) & ETD 30

            National Building Code-2016 (electrical committee).

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