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Aman Maheshwari returns to Jaipur after a fire breaks out in his building in Mumbai

Mumbai, Dec 26, 2021

Aman Maheshwari, who has been part of web shows and is now playing the role of Neeraj Bajwa in Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2, has returned to his hometown, Jaipur.

A fire broke out in his building in Mumbai and hence the actor decided to travel back to his hometown. Says Aman, "On December 24, just before Christmas, this happened. It was around 4 pm and I was heading to the gym when the fire broke out in our building near Four Bunglows (Andheri). I got a call from one of the society members and I came rushing back instead of going to gym. I tried to call people I know in the building and one of them is my close friend who was not picking up the call. I was very worried and was just praying that there should be no casualties. By God's grace there were no casualties and everyone came out safe."

He says the fire alarm wasn't working at the time when the the incident took place."I was shocked, how could a safety measure go wrong at such time? It was a short circuit that caused the fire. Now they are working on the wiring of the building due to which there is no electricity and water since two days. So i decided to travel to my hometown Jaipur," he says.

Aman's parents were worried for him and that was also one of the reasons that he decided to travel back home. "My parents asked me to return home and they want me to travel back to Mumbai only after things are operational in the house. So I am currently here spending time with them," he shares.

Talking about his show, he says, "As Nakuul Mehta (who plays the role of Ram Kapoor) has tested positive for COVID. The makers weren't sure when they would resume my character's shoot. So whenever they call me, I will catch a flight and come back to Mumbai."

Aman Maheshwari returns to Jaipur after a fire breaks out in his building in Mumbai
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