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Electrical Safety Auditor for Hospitals

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Announcement of certificate course on

AHPI-NFE Certified Electrical Safety Auditor for Hospitals.

29 June 2023

Shri. Giridhar Gyani, Director General AHPI delivered the keynote address and made the announcement of the certificate course of AHPI/NFE based on IS and IEC standards, followed by expert comment by Shri Anil Jhauri, Former CEO NABCB. Details of the course is explained by S. Gopa Kumar, President NFE. Dr. Sunil Khetarpal, Director, AHPI summarized the webinar and proposed the vote of thanks to the speakers and participants.

The program was attended around 450 participants across India. Complete information about the course and videos of webinar about announcement of the program can be found in this blog.

Presentation about the announcement of certificate course
Download PDF • 634KB

Subjects of Training

Who will be trained:

Professionals in Hospitals handling Bio Medical and MEP equipment.

Content of Training:

Modern international practices on electrical and bio medial safety and the recommended practice as per National Electrical Code of India 2023.

Duration and Mode of training:

  1. 16 hours ONLINE theoretical class.

  2. 6 to 8 hours of ONSITE (in a common location) practical class on inspection, testing, maintenance, usage of electrical installation and bio medical appliance including an examination.


  • Any professional working as electrical / electronic / bio medial engineer in AHPI member hospitals and having an experience of >1 year.

  • Any other electrical /electronic / bio medial engineering professional having >2 year experience.

Course fee: Rs. 10,000/- per participant. (Applicable GST @ 18 % extra)


  1. S. Gopa Kumar, member MT40, IEC and ETD 20 BIS

  2. S. Appavoo, Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt of Tamil Nadu (retd).

  3. Krish Theobald, Electrical expert IET, UK.

  4. Jay Phadke, Radiation Safety Specialist

  5. Amaya Shaji, Bio Medical engineer

  6. Vinoth V, Electrical Testing Specialist.


Need for Safety Auditors knowledgeable in IS/IEC standards:

Legal requirement on Electrical Safety

The Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2023 published on 15 June 2023 under Chapter III: General safety requirements

Regulation 14. General safety requirements pertaining to construction, installation, protection, operation and maintenance of electric supply lines and apparatus subregulation (2) made National Electrical Code and National Building Code mandatory in all buildings. The regulation can be read as;

Regulation 14 (2) Save as otherwise provided in these regulations, the relevant standards including National Electrical Code and National Building Code shall be followed to carry out the purpose of these regulations and where relevant Indian standards are not available, International standards shall be followed and in the event of any inconsistency, the provisions of these regulations shall prevail.

(3) The material and apparatus used shall conform to the relevant standards.

NEC of India 2023, explains the safety requirements in medical locations under part 3 section 9. The training course is specially designed to cater to the need of Hospitals and Medical establishments.

Due to the change in the National regulations, there is a need to comply NEC 2023


Challenges on Electrical safety in Hospitals & Medical Locations

  • Patient is unconscious/unresponsive

  • Too many critical life saving equipment to which he is connected (Shock / fire)

  • Too many critically ill patients in the affected environment

  • Too many sensitive electrical equipment in the environment

  • Hazardous (O2 and Anesthetic gas)

  • Electrical resistance of skin, which is normally an important protection against harmful electric currents is bypassed.

  • Conductive instruments in contact with the bloodstream or heart muscle (shock)

  • Electric and magnetic interference may disturb certain medical examinations or treatments.


Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents the majority of healthcare providers in India.

AHPI works as "not for profit" organization and advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stake holders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its members organizations to deliver appropriate healthcare services to community at large. The association functions through an empowered secretariat which facilitates the members organizations in improving their systems, processes and outcomes on continuous basis, in line with the vision, mission and objectives of the association.



NFE is a Society Registered in Chennai a not-for-profit organisation. It's an association of engineers working in the field of electrical safety and standardisation with a vison to make every electrical installation free of accidents such as electrocution and fire due to short circuits.

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