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Global Capacitor, Global Electrical Circuit and Lightning

Global Capacitor, Global Electrical Circuit and Lightning is an interesting subject every science enthusiast love to listen.

The 15 minute video extracted from our webinar on Vidyut Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan explains about the subject by

Prof. Dr. G. R. Nagabhushana, (Retd. IISC)

BSc (Mysore University), BE, ME, PhD (all from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru)

Formerly Professor & Chairman, Dept. of High Voltage Engg.,Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, Presently Professor Emeritus, MSRIT, Bengaluru.

In 1963, he joined as faculty in department of high voltage engineering, IISc. From 1965, he has been dealing with various aspects of lightning and protection from lightning of Transmission lines, Satellite Launch Pads (of ISRO), Power equipment & Insulation coordination.

The unique Lightning Test Facility of ADA (DRDO) having 4 million volts Impulse (Lightning)

Voltage Generator, 200,000 A, 100,000 A, 2000 A and 200A Impulse (lightning) Current Generators was designed and commissioned by him. This facility was and even now being used under his guidance to evaluate the lightning performance of Light Combat Aircraft, Hansa Aircraft, other Aircraft components of HAL.

He is the advisor for several companies to develop high voltage laboratories involving lightning voltage and current generator.

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