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Accidents due to electricity are becoming very common across the country, especially inHomes, Industrial, Commercial buildings and Hospitals. The recent fire incidents in COVID hospitals are examples of accidents from electricity in critical places. Majority of electrical accidents such as “fire due to short-circuit” are due to unawareness and non-usage of recommended safety measures in the code of practices such as IS3043, IS732 & NEC. We are organizing a year long, all India awareness campaign on electrical safety called as “VIDYUT SURAKSHIT BHARAT ABHIYAN” based on modern national and international practices with an aim to reduce the number of electrical accidents and its fatalities. Under this mass awareness campaign CISSA will organise 100 training classes on four main subjects and 25 classes on additional subjects. Majority of classes will be online excluding testing. In addition, technical writeup's posters & videos in local languages are planned. The program is supported by BIS and participated by CEA. Electrical inspectorates of various state governments and other industrial organisations and associations also join this campaign.

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