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National Electric Code of India (Draft)

Bureau of Indian Standards conducted webinar on Draft National Electric Code of India on Wednesday, 13th JANUARY 2021 (online) | 1500 h – 1700 h.

The video contains

  1. Inaugural Address by Mr. Jayanta Roy Chowdhury, Scientist-G & DDG (Standardization - Products and Methods)

  2. Theme Address by Ms. Priti Bhatnagar, Scientist-F & Head (ETD)

  3. Keynote Address by Ms. Sumita Anand, Chairperson ETD 20

  4. Overview of Standardisation work in ETD 20 Committee & New National Electrical Code of India, SP 30 by Mr. Ritwik Anand, Scientist-C & Member Secretary ETD 20 – BIS

  5. Presentation on Neutral Conductor and Harmonics by Mr. Amitabha Sarkar

  6. Presentation on Lightning Protection System by Ms. Shalini Verma, Engineers India Ltd

  7. Presentation on Earthing Protection System by Mr. Gopa Kumar, M/s Cape Electric India Ltd

  8. Presentation on Electrical Installations in Domestic Dwelling by Mr Hemant Sali, International Copper Association India

Video of National Electrical Code of India (draft 2021)

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